Flavours of our Cornish Pasties

The traditional pasty calls for potato, onion, swede and beef wrapped in a shortcrust pastry. In its native Cornwall it’s also known as an ‘oggy’.

Our fillings:

All our pasties contain potato, onion and swede, along with the featured fillings below.

Traditional – beef
Lamb & mint
Beef, ale & blue cheese
Cheese & onion in puff pastry (v)
Spinach, feta & sun-dried tomato (v)

You can buy our Cornish pasties hot or cold from one of the markets we attend, ‘at the bakery door’ or order now


We have both Meat and Vegetarian options. More info here>


The pasty originally evolved to meet the needs of tin mining in Cornwall. Learn more>


A hearty meal wrapped in a pastry casing made for a very practical lunch. Contact Us>